The Number 1 IT
Consultancy Firm in South Florida

We have helped our customers to reduce in more than $50,000 annually on their overall ITC Costs
They trust us


Integrated Cybersecurity Solution

A fully integrated 360º Solution to protect and shield you. Taking you from being vulnerable to a fully shielded Company, with zero efforts, and 100% operated by us.


Robust and Cost Efficient Solution

Increase the productivity of your company with advanced and simplified technology. Cost savings of up to 45% is guaranteed.

About us

Who is Avantika and how can we help you?

Avantika was founded in 2007 and today we are a global company serving clients on both sides of the border. Today we collaborate closely with our clients by providing high-level solutions and services as well as the supply of ITC goods and equipment through a highly experienced and qualified team.

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