Network Monitoring

Our Network Monitoring service helps companies prevent performance problems, solve faults and control network capacity needs, optimizing time in the business operation.

Network Monitoring:

Fundamental for the assurance of information systems

While you read through these lines, the following may be occuring in your company:

  • Network downtime
  • Slow or unstable network
  • Physical equipment failures
  • Errors in the programming of network equipment

Generating damage in the short and medium term:

  • Lack of productivity: Inactive employees
  • Loss of sales. Customers can't buy your products
  • Unfavorable corporate image due to mistrust among customers
  • Low chances of finding the fault because your IT staff would not have control of the information in real time through adequate network monitoring to detect incidents

So, why is Network monitoring so important?

As network users grow, it is necessary to acquire additional devices, generating an increase in bandwidth to meet the demand. Your equipment and software applications allow you to know when and how they are used by users.A mayor crecimiento de usuarios de la red es necesario adquirir dispositivos adicionales generando un aumento de ancho de banda para satisfacer la demanda. Tus equipos y aplicaciones de software te permiten conocer en qué momento y cómo son utilizados por los usuarios.

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Reduce the number of incidents and downtime for your staff

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Prevents identifying problems in the network for its agile and fast resolution

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Analyzes the history of the network and its respective monitoring to provide information for continuous improvement

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Improve network security. Eliminate loss of sensitive data

For easy interpretation in real time and in advance, manage all the information you need from Network Monitoring through a single AVANTIKA service.


Each company is unique
Avantika offers two modalities: Maas u On Premise

  • Total control in real time of the entire infrastructure of your company.
  • Certification of best practices in the IT area.
  • Anticipation and resolution of any eventuality
  • Guarantee of service levels with indicators
  • Economic savings.
  • Zero blind spots.
  • We notify you immediately about any eventuality.
  • Easy to install and agile to use.
  • We add value with the panels with personalized configurations, allowing access only according to the user roles.
  • Access via an API.
  • Device discovery. Know the power of each software that is applied on all computers.