We believe in the VALUE of people and in the TALENT to transform, connect and provide solutions in the IT field.
Good technological practices impact customer perception.
Changes are difficult ... but with Avantika we make them easier.

Discover how we create value for your company through IT talent
 Watch this short video!
Discover how we create value for your company through IT talent
 Watch this short video!

What problems do companies encounter when they hire IT profiles?

High costs to attract and retain IT talent. Profiles not adequate to the required needs of each company.

Slowness in the recruitment process as a result of an inaccurate job description of the functions and responsibilities that the candidate must perform in the organization.

High turnover of IT staff and the inconveniences that it entails such as layoffs or lack of productivity.

Little or no revision of old IT contracts generating payment for obsolete systems.


Why choose corporate

staffing solutions

from Avantika?

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Review the current state of IT functions to identify systems that allow you to improve the operation of your business.

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Analyze and describe the activities of the position with clear objectives based on the needs of the IT area that each company requires by means of a flow table that allows to visualize how the digital infrastructure is integrated with the operation of your business aligned with the organizational objectives.

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Streamline recruitment processes. We know where and how to find the right profiles. The evaluation of the candidates in their own language, using the indicated questions with in-depth interviews. We change from required skills to recommended skills to validate experience.

Continuous training reinforcing the requirements of the position, in addition to the development of Soft Skills to ensure the best performance.

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Eliminate risks in hiring staff.

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Reduce costs in short or medium-term projects that need to be developed in your company.

How we find the best IT profiles for your company?

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Analysis and Diagnosis of the IT area

We carry out a diagnosis to know the operation of your company and determine what you need specifically in the IT area. We explain clearly what we can do for your business to achieve digital accessibility according to your budget.

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Job Description and Talent Search

We integrate a line of competencies required for the position based on functions and responsibilities with clear and precise objectives in accordance with previously made diagnosis.

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Case Study/Competency Evaluation

We develop the ability to analyze our talents through real situations in order to recruit only the talent capable of facing the greatest business challenges.

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Integration and designation of the Talents

We carry out the pertinent administrative and labor procedures with an induction towards the company that allows a quick adaptation.

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Monitoring and Tracking of Talent Performance

We discover the best talent, but we empower them by developing skills according to the job profile, involving soft skills. Our accompaniment is constant in the client-talent relationship.