Do you know the level of cybersecurity risk in your company? The absence of choice is the loss of control. Choose to take care of the operation of your business.

INCREASE the security, REDUCE risks &  PROTECT your operation.

Our objective is to PROTECT you! Taking your company from vulnerable to an armored company. Hassle-free, 100% operated by us.

What are the constant cyber threats?

Loss and filtering of confidential information, and the sale or impersonation of the executive’s personal identity and information. As well as cybercrimes such as information kidnapping and ransomware, causing a total or partial business’s operational stoppage. Thus, promoting industrial espionage and considerable economic damage.

IT staff within your company

Accelerated IT advances without current and applicable knowledge that generate loss of control over security without the ability to react and contain attacks that guarantee the integrity and continuity of the business operation.

Culture and digital transformation

Unreliable computing environment without proper training or the application of good practices and without implementation of IT processes that promote improvement.




are attacked daily


Board Members

dismissed the risk



economic loss per attack



clients, sales, collections and valuable information


How can we help your company?

1. We detect
The vulnerability line of the entire operation: workloads, devices, systems, networks, unfavorable practices of corporate users. Examines the entire IT infrastructure.

2. We Respond
Implementing solutions that rise to the highest level for the protection of the entire organization.

3.We Resolve

Developing agile solutions throughout the business ecosystem with adaptive security directed towards risk management. Evaluate preventive and corrective solutions to ensure investments.


Do you know the level of risk your company has?

Discover our analysis to detect the behavior of all the systems and devices within the entire IT infrastructure of your company.

An absolute visualization of users, threats, networks, applications and corporate processes.

  • Protection against hijacking and filtering of information and credentials
  • Web protection analysis
  • Periodic intrusion testing
  • Cloud Backup
  • Server shielding and updates
  • Branch network through VPN
  • User training
  • Email fraud and physing prevention
  • Current risk and breach assessment


20 min with an expert Cybersecurity Consultant


Cyber 360 integrates four key elements to meet this objective.
How do we apply the Cyber 360 solution?

Cybersecurity Director. Creates, Implements and Monitors the Corporate Cybersecurity Program.

CISO: Why is he needed?


  • Security Initiatives
  • Integrates Technical Teams Avantika & Customer
  • Leads the team to provide incident response

Multidisciplinary Team with Specialists in Diverse Areas

Cyber Experts

Executes the Cybersecurity Program

Technical Support 

Provides Resources to the Internal Client’s Team

Maximizes the use of the infrastructure technological resources

Corporate Cybersecurity Program in conjunction with existing customer tools


The premise is to build on the existing foundation, but aligned with the specific objective of cybersecurity. We propose alternatives only when experience indicates that there is a better alternative to minimize the risk.

Set of activities and methodologies based on: ITIL, NIST & COBIT

Processes & better practices

Its design and implementation are in charge of CYBER 360 in conjunction with the Internal IT areas, the internal areas of Control, Risk and Human Resources of the client.