CISO Express

A latent cybersecurity risk that means large losses starts from the moment a user opens their mail to an unmonitored network that cannot alert to threats and weak points. However, with our CISO Express solution we align your infrastructure, technology and talent towards the same objective: to shield and guarantee the continuity of your operation.

Multiply the security in all your company without HIGH costs

The lack of a Cybersecurity program creates the ideal scenario for the execution of cyberattacks in any company

Our goal is to provide your company with a 400% practical security plan, working with your IT team through a Cyber-Risk committee within your company.

"More than 70% of the security violations are targeted to the small and medium companies"

Moises Mejlashovicz

Luis Fridman
CEO Avantika

Your CISO Express

A fast, agile and simple solution

Analyze and evaluate the risk levels of your current situation.

    • Implement and Monitor a Cybersecurity Program.
    • Design controls and information access.
    • Apply standards and monitor the compliance of the Cybersecurity Program.
    • It trains IT staff through the execution of a training and awareness program called. "Security Assessment" in interaction with suppliers and third parties.
    • Continuous improvement of the Network Architecture and Cybersecurity.

The general view of the CISO EXPRESS works with 4 component in coordination with the internal IT areas



Organizational transformation.


Create and shield the business.


Result evaluation.

Technical Support

Maintain the operation.



What are your benefits from the CISO EXPRESS Program?

Empower your company by protecting the entire IT infrastructure without complex solutions.
The program trains users in the continuous application of good practices in all systems and devices. It establishes a solid channel of communication with IT staff for a detailed explanation of the Cybersecurity program.
Increase profitability with Adaptive Security according to the size of your company.
Increase flexibility with the possibility of expanding or reducing according to the projects operated in your company.

The CISO EXPRESS includes a check up to identify the risk levels highlighting the favorable and opportunity points in your company


IT diagnosis

To uncover key points within your company

  • User training
  • Protection against hijacking and information leaking
  • Monthly KPI measurement of the state of Cybersecurity
  • Cloud Backup
  • Network with secure branches
  • Firewall usage
  • IT and Cybersecurity Policy
  • Risk of Phishing and Email Fraud

Penetration Examination (Pen Testing)

To determine the economic value of the risk

  • Bandwidth performance
  • Current state of the network and software implemented in order to apply updates and/or patches automatically.
  • Equipment and server inventory
  • Excessive payments in telephony, internet and its links with Telecom.